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What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are a new financial technology that, just like the internet, promises to revolutionize the way we do business in the modern world.

Boiled down to their simplest form, cryptocurrencies are digital assets stored on databases. These databases (called blockchains) store every transaction ever made with the currency, and boast impressive redundancy by being stored around the world on thousands of computers, and connected to each other by the internet.

Some cryptocurrencies are created for specialized uses, such as Etheroll's Dice token, which enables the holder to collect dividends on an internet dice game's profits. Some, such as the original cryptocurrency Bitcoin, are created simply to exist as a means of exchanging value- similar to a fiat currency such as dollars or yen- but to be outside the control of a central bank.

Anyone can purchase cryptocurrencies, and are free to make transactions in them, sending them around the world in seconds, or utilizing them for their specialized purposes.

When it comes down to which cryptocurrencies you want to buy, we ask- what do you want to today? Send money anonymously? Play games? Rent processing power? Gamble? Or simply invest in a token that you think might go up in value as it becomes more popular?

It's an exciting time to be become an early adopter of this technology, and this site was built to make it easy- showcasing step-by-step guides that walk you through buying and storing a variety of cryptocurrencies.

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