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Guide to buying & storing Etheroll DICE tokens
September 27, 2017
Guide to buying & storing Etheroll DICE tokens

Getcrypto.info now has a step by step guide to buying and storing the cryptocurrency Dice, which is the token distributed by the gambling company Etheroll.

Etheroll has built a provably fair dice game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain- and what this means is that anyone can go and look at the Etheroll game code and see for themselves that the game is fair- that it runs with a low 1% house edge, and that it utilizes a smart contract that demonstratively doesn’t cheat players by manipulating the game results. Quite nifty, right!

The bets taking place on Etheroll can be viewed live here– it’s quite fascinating to watch people bet in real time, and seeing someone winning thousands of dollars is exciting- even when it’s all anonymous and we have no idea who each player is in the real world.

DICE tokens give the holder a right to a percentage of Etheroll’s house profits every three months. So for example, if you own 1% of Etheroll’s seven million tokens you can claim 1% of the profits. Live stats of how much the game is making at any given time can be viewed here.

If you’d like to check out Dice for yourself, the buying and storage guide can be seen here.

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Guide to buying and storing Decred now live
September 21, 2017
Guide to buying and storing Decred now live

Getcrypto.info has now added a step by step guide to buying and storing the cryptocurrency Decred.

Decred bills itself as an open and progressive cryptocurrency with a system of community-based governance integrated into its blockchain. It uses a hybridized consensus system to strike a balance between miners and users to create a more robust currency.

Bitcoin often gets criticised for allowing its miners, who operate the infrastructure, to wield considerable influence while the users have relatively little sway. Decred allows users to participate in the project directly without the need for expensive mining hardware.

And in that community spirit, anyone can submit feature proposals, and developers are paid for work to fulfill requirements in full view of the community. Funding for this work comes directly from the Decred blockchain.

If you’d like to check out Decred for yourself, the buying and storage guide can be seen here.

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Guide to buying and storing Maidsafe now live
September 19, 2017
Guide to buying and storing Maidsafe now live

Getcrypto.info has now added a step by step guide to buying and storing the cryptocurrency Maidsafe.

Similar to Siacoin, Maidsafe aims to create a decentralised storage service where users get paid to host files on the spare hard-drive space on their home computers.

Decentralised storage aims to avoid problems with traditional cloud based systems- by spreading the hosted files across a number of computers remote to one another, it would take a catastrophic event for them all to be taken offline. Unlike, for example, Amazon Drive- it might take a power loss to a handful of data centers for the whole system to become unavailable.

You can check out the guide to buying Maidsafe coins here.

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The price of gold vs Bitcoin infographic
September 6, 2017
The price of gold vs Bitcoin infographic

Bitcoin was originally conceived as a currency, but if you ask its many users what they consider Bitcoin to be to them- a speculative investment, a currency, a store of value- you’ll get a different answer each time.

So naturally this has led many to compare Bitcoin to one of humanities oldest currencies and stores of value- gold. At first glance, Bitcoin and gold might not appear to share any similarities, except-

With Bitcoin’s 21 million coin limit and gold’s finite availability in the Earth’s crust, the two assets are available in limited quantities.

Gold is a nonreactive metal that will only wear away with improper handling, while Bitcoin can be used as long as the internet and interest exists.

However, when it comes to price, similarities diverge. Bitcoin and gold have certainly followed similar price curves at times, but they’ve also wildly differed during others. Check out the infographic below for an idea of how an investment in gold and Bitcoin would have fared compared to each other over the past 7 years (click it for a larger version).

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SlotNSlot cancel their ICO due to ‘lack of confidence’
September 1, 2017
SlotNSlot cancel their ICO due to ‘lack of confidence’

SlotNSlot was an ICO startup based in South Korea (a country with strict laws in place when it comes to online gambling) that aimed to produce an anonymous slot machine game as a Dapp on the Ethereum blockchain. Except-

“there seemed to be lots of difficulties and obstacles to make it fully autonomous”

It didn’t work out. While it’s disappointing to see a team’s hopes and dreams shattered by real world concerns such as ‘it’s hard to make something work’, it’s also nice to see that they cancelled their ICO before they got a bucketful of money thrown at them by eager investors.

You can read the whole SlotNSlot statement below.

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Ugh! How many crypto sites have animated particles?
September 1, 2017
Ugh! How many crypto sites have animated particles?

Yeah, I get it, the internet is a network and blockchain is changing how we use it and… I know it’s tricky to visualize that whole concept in an original way, but when you’re a blockchain startup that’s promising to revolutionize the way we do business, or gamble, or track shipping containers… You should at least try, right?

I’ll be honest, this is fake outrage. I find it hilarious to click on yet another ICO website to find those damn interconnected particles floating in the background, and use it a handy barometer for ascertaining if a company is putting any thought and effort into their branding.

So, in that spirit, I’m starting a non-comprehensive list of crypto sites that follow this lazy trend. If you spot one I’ve missed (and there are many) let me know in the comments.

Current count: 17












Fuck token



Request Network


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